Marker Manager Eclipse Plugin

Always be at zero warnings.

Go for Zero Warnings

Compiler warnings are only useful if you read them. Once they start piling up, you stop reading them and you might mis critical warnings that cause bugs. The only way is to keep your number of warnings to zero. Marker Manager helps you do this.

Any Lanuguage

Manage your compiler warnings for any programming language. Be it Python, Java, C++, Verilog, VHDL or your own proprietary domain specific language. One tool deals with compiler output for all languages.


Suppress warnings in any programming language, simply by writing a commented annotation in your code.


Export the warnings, note and errors from your Eclipse project. You can add these as "lint" report when you deliver your code.


Import compiler warnings from other tools. Run lint tools or other analysis tools independently and import their output. Warning icons will show up in the source code, so that it is easy to fix them.