Marker Manager Eclipse Plugin

Always be at zero warnings.

This plugin enables you to automatically import warnings from other tools such as external compilers, lint tools or other analysis tools. Warning icons will show up in the source code, making it easy to fix them.

Why import warnings?

It can be useful to import warnings from other tools.

For example, if you have a third party code checker that does not directly integrate with Eclipse.

This feature is called the Marker Builder.

How to import warnings

Generate a list of warnings

The Marker Builder reads one specific file, named markers.rpt, in the root directory of your project. In this file, each line contains tab-separated values, in either of the following formats:

filename linenumber "warning message"


filename linenumber startchar endchar "warning message"

Enable the Marker Builder

Right-click on your project; Configure > Enable Marker Builder

Example project

We have created an example project that demonstrates the use of the Marker Builder. You can download this project from GitHub.